Quality control :

Quality is at the root of all good business; it reinforces a strong brand in the marketplace, encourages customer loyalty, and ensures the viability of a business.

Continuous improvement is essential to maintain the quality of business processes and practices.

At Shilang va Looleh Khouzestan, we understand quality management from planning, control and assurance through to quality improvement. We believe that quality management is much more than product or service quality, but about how to achieve quality, maintain and improve it. Quality management systems are important for all businesses, whatever their size or complexity.

Quality control unit:

Quality control unit of shilang va looleh khouzestan manufacturing company of khouzestan utilizes skilled engineers with suitable work experience in the field of industrial polymers and building management system ISO 9001 in laboratory, manufactures all its products based on Iran’s national standards, and utilizes the latest equipment, develop their Qualitative testing and inspection.

QC Laboratory:

SLK’s  In-House lab is equipped with the below test facilities to perform all the required testing as per the relevant standards.


The most important tests performed on UPVC pipes and fittings are:

  • Density determination
  • Air Circulated Oven test
  • Vicat Softening Temperature teste
  • Hydrostatic Pressure teste
  • Falling Weight Impact test
  • Di Chloro Methane test
  • Pull Out test
  • Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance test 
  • Dimensional measuring instrument  ( Micrometer, Digital Vernier Caliper, External Digital Caliper, etc)


The most important tests performed on PE pipes are:

  • The weight percentage of soot or carbon in polyethylene
  • Density determination
  • Tests of pipes’ physical properties (Dimensions – Diameter – Color)
  • Cyclic strength of pipe
  • (OIT) – Oxidation of pipes (thermal stability)
  • (MFI) – Polyethylene Viscosity
  • Hydrostatic Testing