PE pipe 250 mm

HDPE pipe of size 250 mm (10 inch nominal outer diameter) of Shilang & Looleh Khouzestan (SLK) with the best PE 100, PE 80 materials in branch of 12, 9 and 6 meters according to the Inso 14427 standard table.


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Application of these 250mm polyethylene pipes: ordinary irrigation and water transfer, various drop irrigation systems, under pressure irrigation systems, sprinkler irrigation and center point, linear and role line irrigation systems.


HDPE Pipes is a competitive pipe because it is characterize by light, stable, weather-resistant, water proof and easy to handle. HDPE Pipe installations are the most competitive by key advantages.

  • Ease of handling due to flexibility and light weight.
  • Leak-tight installation due to excellent fusion-welding possibilities.
  • Long life with low operational cost.
  • Capability for relining pipelines.
  • Possibility for on-site extrusion, alternative installations.
  • No limitations to pH-value of the water (no corrosion)
  • Taste and odor neutral
  • Bacteriologically neutral
  • Chemical resistance
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Additional information

Average External Diameter (mm)

250 ——- 251/5

Maximum two widths


Nominal pressure (atmosphere)

5 _ 6 _ 8 _ 10 _ 12,5 _ 16 _ 20 _ 25