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Shilang and looleh Khouzestan Company with more than three decade experience, is leading manufacturer of PVC and PE (polyethylene) pipes and fittings, set their target as growth and development of facilities, for the construction and agriculture industry of dear Iran.

The top managers have always tried to produce best quality and most competitive products by other manufacturers with decades of experience by the help of most current technologies and, of course, professionals, skilled person and hard working and supply the neighboring countries market.

Our mission and policies, customer orientation, distribution of products to all parts of Iran and neighboring countries as well as being availability for clients that care for suite quality, strength and price. Strength and quality orientation is the most important responsibilities of the group administrators.

We hope our products to be superior comfort and bring you joy to life.


Established in 1985,Shilang & Looleh Khouzestan (SLK) pioneered the manufacturing of the UPVC pipes & fittings in IRAN. With over 30 years of experience, SLK is manufacturing a wide range of Drainage Pipes & Fittings, High Pressure Pipes, UPVC Pipes & Fittings, UPVC Electric conduit Pipes and HDPE Pipes.

SLK products have been used extensively in the irrigation, construction, plumbing and landscaping industry and are playing a significant role in the development of the Persian Gulf region and Middle East

About us

Being environmentally conscious, Shilang & Looleh Khouzestan (SLK) looks to produce products that care for the future. In order to keep standards high, we obtained certification from ISO-90012008- and follow all procedures and process needed to fulfill the quality management system

Mission & Vision

Shilang & Looleh Khouzestan mission is to be the leading producer and supplier of top quality polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) and polyethylene (HDPE Pipes) in the Middle East. We focus on the development, manufacturing and distribution of our pipes to clients that are looking for suitable price

Our vision is to provide our clients with sustainable UPVC pipes & fittings and HDPE pipes at appropriate price in order for us to build a better tomorrow.


Environment Friendly

We care about the world



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