Shilang & Looleh Khouzestan (S.L.K) is a company incorporated in 1983 in Khouzestan Province, Iran. With its high quality-targeting policies, (S.L.K) not only have succeeded to get in its hands domestic markets and achieve a high consumption market share but it has also had successful attendance in Iraq markets.
From the very beginning, (S.L.K) started to take its steps with development always in its mind. For this purpose, (S.L.K) increasing the number of its products leaped in 2005 at the opportunity to implement its development scheme in Ahvaz Province over the tract of 12000 square meters. In 2006, the Company purchased the latest production lines as a part of its development scheme to augment its production as per the then European standards. In following years, (S.L.K) furthered its development scheme to manufacture higher quality products and provide a wider coverage of consumption market by adding new connection lines in 2011. Since laboratory operates one of the main roles in production, (S.L.K) renovated its laboratory equipment required for PVC pipes and fittings industry. The Company purchased its laboratory equipment from one of the best European manufacturers so (S.L.K) laboratory is one of the highly specialized laboratories in PVC pipes and fittings and has been placed by Iranian Office for Standards on the List of Authorized Laboratories collaborating with the Office.
Shilang & Looleh Khouzestan (S.L.K) assisted with experienced, specialized and knowledgeable personnel steps towards its objectives of excellence i.e. customer satisfaction and high quality products. Participation of (S.L.K) in projects of such great companies as Water & Sewage Company, Telecommunication Company, Mass Developers, Mehr Housing Project and Agricultural Jihad Organization and its affiliates as well as active presence in domestic and foreign reflect high quality of (S.L.K) products.
As one of the first companies which achieved Iranian National Standard Certificate in the realm of manufacturing UPVC pipes, Shilang & Looleh Khouzestan with more than three decades of experience in this industry and its experienced personnel manufactures in a short time a wide range of products for various consumptions such as water supply, under-pressure ground and underground sewage, pressure-free sewage, agriculture and irrigation, well walls, rain water transport, telecommunication power cables (of various O-ring and adhesive types). Shilang & Looleh Khouzestan with its high-tech machinery and equipped quality control laboratory is capable of satisfying all wants and needs of consumers as per national standards at the lowest cost and in the shortest time.

Shilang & Looleh Khouzestan is proud that...

– It is one of the topmost companies active in producing PVC-U products as per national and international standards,
– S.L.K’s superior management is a member of the State PVC Pipes & Fittings Producers Association,
– It always tries to keep prices stable even under critical times due to S.L.K’s loyalty to its customers,
– It has many permanent customers of high loyalty due to the mutual trust between S.L.K and its customers,
– S.L.K products benefit from high quality during all manufacture processes,
– Consultation and after-sale services are provided for S.L.K products according to the then international standards to achieve customer satisfaction,
– Owing to high flexibility of its production lines, S.L.K is able to various demands of its customers,
– It values having long-term relationship with its customers and thinks of customers as its colleagues.