Due to a variety of production lines, this company is capable of producing a variety of building sewage fittings and pipes for water supply, non-pressure underground sewage transfer, building sewage, pressurized surface and underwater sewage transfer, rainwater transfer and adhesive and O-ring electrical and telecommunication cables in short term based on national and international standards. This company is equipped with a quality control laboratory to respond any request.

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  • Easy installation: Low weight of U-PVC pipes makes carrying with hand of these pipes easier and mounting and working with them at site simpler. And all these lead to money- and time-savings.


  • Resistance against fire: U-PVC is made up of an inherently anti-fire polymer. This polymer hardly catches fire, and in case of being on a fire, it ceases burning as it becomes away from the fire source. Compared to other PVC plastics, U-PVC enjoys a better performance in terms of lower flammability, flame spread and heat dispersal.
  • A good electric and thermal insulation: Owing to not letting electricity pass through, PVC is a great material for electric uses. It also operates as a thermal insulator.
  • Renewability and environment friendly: More than 50 percent of PVC is derived from salts (a renewable source). In other words, PVC compared to other polymers benefits from less non-renewable materials.
  • Strength: When properly designed and mounted, U-PVC pipes are able to tolerate a high external pressure. They also enjoy a high flexural strength, that is to say, they are easily bent without rupture and this makes them appropriate materials against such cases as earthquakes or mud slide because of loose soils.


  • Resistance against corrosion: U-PVC pipes are resistance against corrosion of both their outer layer under soil and their inner layer. They do not enter into reaction with acids, alkali, salts, bacteria and many chemicals found in soil as well as with liquids passing through them. Because of this merit, there is no need for specific anti-corrosion coatings. U-PVC pipes show high resistance against all chemicals found in domestic and industrial (urban) sewage.
  • Effectiveness in reducing energy consumption: The production of U-PVC pipes is a clean process with lower and proper consumption of energy compared to the production of pipes from metals and cast iron. In addition, due to the low weight and the possibility of placing various sizes inside each other during transport, these pipes take considerably less energy while being transported, compared to other pipe types.
  • Preservation of water quality: In the field of water supply, UPVC pipes transport water with the same freshness and purity as the time water enters the pipes and they do not make any change in smell and taste of the water.